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Meet the Fellows

pd|hub Collection: Foundations of Career Exploration for PhD Scientists

The Fellows of the pd|hub Collection are content experts with years of experience teaching, facilitating, and implementing the models in this pd|hub Collection. Fellows partner with pd|hub to author deep-dive implementation guides and annotated lesson plans for the models, and provide training and ongoing consultation to Implementation Sites.

Getting Results…
  • profile photo of Paola Cépeda

    Paola Cépeda

    Series | Peer-facilitated Career Exploration

    Dr. Cépeda has developed and managed learning, training and advising programs for graduate students and postdoctoral trainees spanning STEM, medicine, the arts,...
  • profile photo of Ryan Wheeler

    Ryan Wheeler

    Series | Instructor-facilitated Career Exploration

    Mr. Wheeler has spent his 20 year career building, presenting, and sustaining a broad array of training programs to support the career and professional developm...
  • profile photo of Paul Rainey

    Paul Rainey

    Series | Flipped-classroom Career Exploration

    Dr. Rainey has over eight years of professional expertise in career and professional development, spanning five institutions. With Ms. Marilyn Yeager, Rainey co...
  • profile photo of Urmila Venkatesh

    Urmila Venkatesh

    Session | Storytelling Framework for Career Exploration

    Ms. Venkatesh aims to help people explore the depths of their past, embrace curiosity about their present lives, and find delight in possible futures. Venkatesh...
  • profile photo of Suprawee Tepsuporn

    Suprawee Tepsuporn

    Session | Self-assessment to Guide Career Exploration

    Dr. Tepsuporn’s mission is to inspire, educate, and empower graduate students and postdocs through the creation of data- and impact-driven professional developm...
  • profile photo of Marilyn Yeager (retired)

    Marilyn Yeager (retired)

    Series | Flipped-classroom Career Exploration

    Ms. Yeager, a Fellow of the pd|hub Collection until retirement in November 2023, brought 15 years of experience in the career development field, teaching and de...