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One-stop hub for evidence-based practices in STEMM PhD professional development

What are the pd|hub Collections?

The pd|hub Collections are sets of curated, peer-reviewed educational models to advance practices in specific professional development competency areas for graduate students and postdocs in STEMM.

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A PD Hub Collection is a curated collection of annotated models (such as courses and workshops) that were vetted via peer review. PD Hub provides support for instructors' adaptation and implementation of these models at various Implementation Sites. Data is gathered, allowing the Collection to be updated and educational practices to evolve.

The first pd|hub Collection

Foundations of Career Exploration for PhD Scientists 

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Why Career Exploration?

STEMM PhD graduate students and postdocs have a critical need for educational interventions that support the complex, iterative developmental process of career exploration.

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The Models

The pd|hub Collection: Foundations of Career Exploration for PhD Scientists features five peer-reviewed educational models designed to catalyze the process of career exploration for PhD scientists.

Meet the Fellows

The Fellows of the pd|hub Collection are content experts with years of experience teaching, facilitating, and implementing the models in the pd|hub Collection.  Learn more about them >

Getting Results…

Become An Implementation Site

Implementation Sites partner with pd|hub for one year to facilitate success in implementing one of the models.

Support includes access to the following:

  • Implementation guides and annotated lesson plans
  • Training in key areas, such as developing an inclusive learning environment
  • Ongoing expert consultations within a community of practice
  • Centralized evaluation tools and guidance to enable efficient, data-driven evolution of educational approaches

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Meet the Team

In addition to the Fellows of this pd|hub Collection, this is the team working behind the scenes to develop the pd|hub Collections framework and support the project. Meet the pd|hub Collections team >

Getting Results…

What's Next

Future of the pd|hub Collections

  • We are hosting 2 cohorts of Implementation Sites--one in 2023-2024 and the second in 2024-2025--to partner with us to adapt, implement, and test models from the pd|hub Collection on Foundations of Career Exploration for PhD Scientists.
  • We will be sharing strategies and lessons learned from pd|hub's evaluation across Implementation Sites
  • We will collect and disseminate evidence-based practices in future pd|hub Collections, focused on other professional development competencies

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