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About the pd|hub Collections

What are the pd|hub Collections?

The pd|hub Collections are compilations of nationally-sourced educational models focused on professional development for STEMM PhD students and postdocs. Through access to these Collections, faculty and staff from institutions around the country can obtain resources and training to enhance their own educational programs for STEMM PhD students and/or postdocs.

Each pd|hub Collection will focus on a unique professional development competency, featuring a diverse array of educational approaches that can be adapted for different settings. The pd|hub Collections will feature innovations from across the graduate and postdoctoral education landscape, bringing to light models that may or may not be well known. 

Each pd|hub Collection will include:

  • A curated set of educational models (workshops, courses, peer group structures, etc.) that have been demonstrated to be effective in addressing the Collection's competency area.
    • Examples of educational models include workshops, courses, peer group structures, and more
  • Support for educators to learn about, adapt, and implement the models for their own graduate students and postdocs
    • Examples of support include train-the-trainer workshops, implementation guides and annotated resources, and monthly small-group communities-of-practice
  • Implementation strategies for developing inclusive learning environments, addressing the variety of ways that learners develop, and counteracting systemic bias and challenges in STEMM.
  • Data on effectiveness of each model (including context and limitations of the current data).
  • Survey tools and guidance to support rigorous evaluation and assessment, enabling benchmarking and ongoing evolution of the Collection.

Our goal is to share strategies for implementation and evaluation that will support (a) efficient and effective implementation and testing of the models, (b) customizing the models for use in different institutional contexts, and (c) ensuring that the models are accessible to a diverse audience.

How do I access the pd|hub Collections?

Our first pd|hub Collection, Foundations of Career Exploration for PhD Scientists, is now available (join our listserv for periodic email updates). We encourage applying to participate as an Implementation Site

What are the benefits of submitting my educational model to a pd|hub Collection?

A unique characteristic of the pd|hub Collections framework is our support of the faculty and staff who seek to disseminate their educational approaches. Though the call for submissions for our first pd|hub Collection is now closed, we will be opening future calls for Collections focused on other professional development competencies. Learn more about how you can broaden impact of your educational model at institutions across the country, how pd|hub will support you in this effort, and benefits of being part of a pd|hub Collections Fellows cohort! 

Interested in submitting a model to a pd|hub Collection?

The topic of the next pd|hub Collection will be announced in the coming year, and a Call for Submissions released soon after that. Please join our listserv to be notified of these and other updates from pd|hub; feel free to indicate interest in submitting a model in the future! 


The pd|hub Collections are being developed with support from an Innovative Programs to Enhance Research Training (IPERT) award from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIH 1 R25 GM139076-01). The information, opinions, data, and statements contained herein are not necessarily those of the U.S. Government or the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and should not be interpreted, acted on, or represented as such.

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