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pd|hub leading workshop at the Graduate Career Consortium annual meeting

Date Posted: Wednesday, June 09, 2021

Join pd|hub on June 24 at the 2021 annual meeting of the Graduate Career Consortium, where we will be facilitating a workshop, “Broadening Impact: Implementation Guides for Dissemination.

As highlighted in pd|hub’s recent Stakeholder Workshop Report, research shows that evidence of effectiveness, alone, rarely leads to widespread adoption of new practices; rather, practical strategies and support for implementation are needed for others' adaptation and implementation. As educational practices evolve--in particular, becoming more equitable and inclusive--we need efficient mechanisms to support propagation of effective practices, both at our local organizations and globally.

In addition to strengthening the likely impact of dissemination, documenting teaching and program implementation strategies can also increase educators’ own efficiency, enhance communication within institutional teams, and help transition program oversight to other staff. 

The goal of this workshop is to enhance participants' skills in documenting their work via development of implementation guides. Presenters will share distinct example guides, each designed to support other educators in adapting CPD courses, workshops, or peer learning communities. In small groups, participants will use these examples--and their own experience and perspectives--to define characteristics of an easy-to-use implementation guide, including one that highlights methods employed to enhance equity, inclusion, and accessibility for learners who have been historically marginalized. These discussions will also inform design of pd|hub's new, NIH-funded curated Collections initiative, through which implementation guides will be paired with train-the-trainer workshops, monthly communities of practice, and evaluation tools to catalyze dissemination of evidence-based CPD practices.

Guides discussed during the workshop will include:


Post updated: June 23, 2021