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pd|hub previews the inaugural pd|hub Collection at the Graduate Career Consortium Annual Conference

Date Posted: Wednesday, June 29, 2022

  Join pd|hub on July 6th at the 2022 Graduate Career Consortium Annual Conference in San Francisco, where we will be presenting our session, “The Inaugural pd|hub Collection: Evidence-Based Practices Supporting Career Exploration for STEMM PhD students and postdocs.” The pd|hub Collections framework will accelerate advances in PhD career development by a) curating effective practices into a concise, diverse collection of models (e.g. courses, workshops) via peer review, with each collection focused on a distinct professional development competency, b) facilitating institutions’ efficient adaptation, implementation, and evaluation of featured models, and c) incentivizing, recognizing, and supporting educators seeking to disseminate their work. This session will introduce the pd|hub Collections framework, then preview a few of the models that will be part of the first Collection on career exploration and social sciences theories that describe the complex process of career exploration. Participants will reflect on ways their practices are currently supporting the developmental processes involved in career exploration. For those interested in leveraging models in the pd|hub Collection, we will overview how to apply to become an implementation site to participate in a train-the-trainer workshop, attain implementation guides, participate in cross-institutional evaluation, and access consultations with content experts through community-of-practice meetings.