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pd|hub presents at the 2022 Virtual NPA Annual Conference

Date Posted: Thursday, April 28, 2022

Join us on Friday, April 29th at 12:15pm ET at the virtual 2022 National Postdoctoral Association Annual Conference for our session entitled Advancing Evidence-based Practices Through the New pd|hub Collections. The pd|hub Collections are a new framework developed with funding from NIGMS to facilitate dissemination of effective practices in PhD professional development by a) curating effective practices into a concise, diverse collection of models (e.g. courses, workshops) via peer review, b)  facilitating institutions’ efficient adaptation and implementation of featured models, and c) incentivizing, recognizing, and supporting educators seeking to disseminate their work. The first pd|hub Collection, focused on models that support STEM PhD students’ and postdocs’ career exploration, will debut later this year. Institutions interested in adapting these models for their own programs will be invited to apply as implementation sites, thereby accessing a train-the-trainer workshop, implementation materials, and consultations with content experts through monthly community-of-practice meetings. Implementation guides and training will highlight practices to enhance inclusion, equity, and access for learners from diverse backgrounds, particularly those historically underrepresented or marginalized in STEM. The Collections will also provide tools and guidance to support rigorous evaluation and assessment.

In this workshop, we will describe the framework and preview the first Collection. In small groups, the NPA community will come together to discuss challenges commonly faced when implementing new program approaches, and strategies that could be leveraged in the implementation guides, train-the-trainer workshops, communities-of-practice, and evaluation tools to facilitate utility for their organizations.