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pd|hub presenting at the 2023 NPA Annual Conference

Date Posted: Friday, January 13, 2023

How do you support postdocs in their career exploration? ​​Join us at the 2023 National Postdoctoral Association Annual Conference in Philadelphia for our session entitled Strengthening postdoctoral programs to more inclusively address the complexities of career exploration: Insights from the pd|hub Collections. National calls to action have focused on developing more effective support for early career scientists as they navigate career transitions. In this session, we will overview the complexities of the career exploration process in the context of literature from vocational psychology and other social sciences, and discuss practical strategies for how these theories can influence the design of educational interventions and inclusive practices. We will then introduce two examples of educational programs, featured in the new pd|hub Collection: Foundations of Career Exploration for PhD Scientists. pd|hub Collection Fellows Paola Cépeda and Suprawee Tepsuporn will introduce these two models: one, a peer-led series structured around an Individual Development Plan framework, and the other, a workshop that focuses on developing self-awareness to support exploration of career options

In this session, the NPA community will learn about strategies to enhance inclusivity while addressing the complexity of career exploration, identify strengths and gaps in their own approaches to support postdoctoral career exploration, and learn about how to access this pd|hub Collection as a resource for enhancing practice in this area.